We are among the top sellers of Grid Chargers for all the Hybrid Cars, with hundreds sold over the past ten years.

To buy one, get in touch with us. But if you have questions, it’s best to read the Frequently Asked Questions page first and watch our following video:


Venice Hybrid Tech Grid Chargers are:

  • Warranted for one year
  • Assembled indivudually with very high-quality components, and tested before shipping
  • Protected against reverse voltage, over voltage and over temperature.
  • Comes with wire harness and instructions on how to connect the Charger to the Hybrid Pack to charge the Hybrid Battery
  • Can be used anywhere in the world as it operates at any AC Voltage between 65 V and 265 V
  • Doesn’t require a cooling fan in the vehicle to run while charging, as these are very low current chargers (300 – 350 mA)

There are NO RETURNS on these Chargers. In case of any defect within the Warranty Period we will either repair the Charger or replace it without any charges.

However, if there is misuse, like making reverse polarity connections and damaging the Charger, then you have to pay for repairs. This warranty is voided if we observe that our seal has been tempered with or an attempt to open the box has been made.

Some of the latest features and improvements of VHT’s new model Grid Chargers:

  1. All plastic body: looks attractive and avoids any chance of electric shock.
  2. Very light weight and compact, easy to place and remove from the vehicle.
  3. Color coded wires and special connectors that only fit one way.
  4. Can be mounted as a permanent fixture inside the vehicle, so no need to remove it every day.
  5. Different models for different vehicles.
  6. Includes a digital Volt Meter to monitor voltages of the Battery Packs before and after charge.
  7. Will NOT over-charge the Hybrid Battery even if you leave it on for longer periods. This is a special safety feature.
  8. Has a power ON/OFF switch and a safety fuse.
  9. Upgraded Volt Meter to cover all ranges of output.
  10. Voltage ranges limited for better control and to avoid excessive charging or over-charging, so you do not have to constantly monitor the Charger

Grid charger prices

  Output Voltage Price
Honda Insight 180 – 200 V $250
Honda Civic 180 – 200 V $250
Toyota Prius Gen I 310 – 350 V $285
Toyota Prius Gen 2 280- 310 V $275
Toyota Camry 300 – 310V $285
Nissan Altima 300 – 310 V $275

Tech Specs:
Input AC 65-265V 50/60 MHZ
Charging Current 300-350mA
Over Current protection, reverse Voltage protection.
TC 75C TA 50C (Max)

But before you buy one, you may have questions about our Grid Chargers, or want to know more about them.

Read our Grid Chargers – Frequently Asked Questions page for more inforation.