From time to time, we get requests from our users to see and read instructions before ordering a Grid Charger. As some of you may be aware that the instructions and the connections are different for different vehicles. Below we provide links for various vehicle as to how to connect the wire harness and also tips on charging various vehicles. Enjoy.


1 Please note that in the following instructions, we have changed the wiring harness to a black shielded harness which has White and Black wires. Hence where ever you see the word Red wire, please replace it with White wire.

2. We have also started using a fan inside the chargers and have also incorporated an adapter for providing power for the same as well as for the Volt Meter. Hence we have discontinued the use of 9 V battery . Please make suitable changes in the instructions accordingly.

Instructions For Honda Insight 2001 – 2006

Instructions For Honda Civic 2003 – 2006

Instructions For Honda Civic Gen II 2007 – 2009

Instructions For Honda Accord

Instructions For Toyota Prius Gen II  2004 – 2009

Instructions For Toyota Prius Gen III 2010 – 2014

Instructions For Camry Hybrid 2007 – 2009

Instructions for Prius C

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