We sell Grid Chargers for all the Hybrid cars
A Grid Charger is a small device that charges your Battery Packs at a very low current, when connected and working. It uses the ‘Grid’ i.e. AC power for charging instead of the internal charging system of Hybrid Cars.

Over time the battery pack can become weak and unbalanced, and needs a Grid Charger to get it up to speed. See our FAQ to learn more about them.

We sell re-conditioned and re-built hybrid battery packs
The packs will be warranted for six months (and for unlimited miles within that time-frame).
This applies to
» Honda Insight
» Honda Civic Hybrid
» Honda Accord Hybrid
» Toyota Prius (Gen I & II)
» Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007 -2011

See this page for more information

We repair and re-condition your battery packs

Servicing and re-conditioning a hybrid battery pack usually takes 3-4 days depending on its condition.

The basic rates for re-conditioning are $700.00 including labor for removing, fitting it back inside the car and testing it. If there are any dead or damaged sticks/sub-packs which need replacement, additional charges will be added.

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Other services
We have been serviced most hybrid cars over the years.

We can also:
» Scan and remove error codes.
» Explain error codes and suggest remedies.
» Re-charge hybrid batteries for cars, e-bikes and e-scooters.

We guarantee all our work.
A loan-vehicle may be provided on a case by case basis to help you leave your vehicle with us for a few days.

Usually, we keep some spare battery packs, which also can be loaned, so that you have a minimum down time.

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