Anthony Booker, Las Vegas NV
December 3, 2013
Raj, of Venice Hybrid Tech spent hours explaining how I should safely remove my Gen 1 Honda Insight battery pack, together with little known information how I could still use the car and have its 12v battery charging.

I made a crate and shipped the pack to Venice. Upon receipt Raj immediately diagnosed the problems [in this case dead, unusable cells] and provided alternatives to get us going. His prices were the best I found and were around one half of dealer estimates, however, more importantly he provided one on one support throughout the installation, successful start up and confirmation of proper operation of the system.

Our car is again running nicely with good hybrid battery charge and assist. It is getting 50 mpg averages in Las Vegas commuting and a few times we have seen 60mpg averages. I believe this is a very good result for a CVT Insight.

We intend to buy a Venice Hybrid Tech Grid Charger soon as Raj believes using it to balance the battery pack cells will prolong their life significantly. Again, his price for this item is the best we have found.

I recommend Venice Hybrid Tech. to anyone who desires the best for their hybrid systems services without unnecessary expense.
Anthony B

John McLaren, Trinity TX
I cannot express enough the appreciation I have for your service and help that your company has given me.

I ordered the wrong part for my application and you questioned if it was the proper item for my vehicle. I insisted that it was and you shipped it to me immediately. Upon receipt it was indeed the incorrect part.
With one small communication, I returned the part and was promptly supplied with the correct piece in time to proceed with my vacation on time. Great service is indeed the hallmark of a great business model. I would recommend you and your business to everyone seeking a great business to deal with and buy from.

Keep up the good work. It will pay off.
John McLaren

Simon Guttirez, Frisco TX
I just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with your chargers the Grid charging has helped me out tremendously I would recommend these to anyone. Plus your tech support has been awesome. Thanks so much.

(owns a Hybrid repair shop in Frisco, TX)

Larry Van Every
The Grid Conditioner just arrived. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. I’m really surprised just how small and light this is, I was expecting t to be a lot larger. I must say as an ol’ 3M Company Sustaining Engineer… well done, it is very professional.

Everything seems to be there:

  • Grid Conditioner
  • 9V battery
  • fuse
  • (2) Wiring harness

I guess now I have to go to work… tomorrow!
Thanks again,

Roland, AZ
November 15, 2014
I received everything, the instructions were clear and I installed and ran two 14 hr cycles in two consecutive nights. The battery is back to life, thanks to you. I will charge one a month and wonder if I should do it once for certain amount of time or twice or if you had any recommendations.

I thank you for the charger, it’s great!

Jim H, Winnipeg, Canada
This is the first time the gauge has shown full bars after the charging and that is excellent! You have to sort of have a feel for what the battery needs and driving it between charging is equally important. It appears that disconnecting the – battery cable after charging with the grid has a significant effect on the system recognizing the new condition of the battery.

I could be wrong, but do you have a theory on this. I am more than pleased with the simplified unit that you have assembled. You are absolutely correct, the 350ma does not require all the complicated wiring for fan etc, that the other guys offer, and I will keep observing the progress. Don’t want all your secrets, but is that a capacitor that controls the voltage, and how can we be sure of consistent 350ma amperage? It wouldn’t take much for me to convince anyone of the value of this charging unit.


Juan Arhancet
Hello Raj, I have a question for you that you may be able to help with. I have used your charger on my 2007 Honda Civic and it works as advertised. My issue, however, is the following:

I charge the battery using your charger and the voltmeter reads 172 Volts after several hours.
I then discharge the battery using lightbulbs – I read on hybrid battery forums that Nickel-cad batteries can respond well to a discharge-charge cycle. I stop the discharge once the voltage dips below 120Volts.

Once at 120V, I essentially leave the battery alone for 1-2 hours.
When I measure the voltage again, it has jumped up to 135V, with no intervention. The car 12V has been disconnected throughout this process – or at least the negative terminal.

Do you know why this might be occurring? Do you have any advice on how to better recondition the hybrid battery? The IMA light has turned off, but the check-engine code that is causing me to fail smog has not “gone away” after over five separate 12-hour-plus charging sessions with your charger.

Thank you for your time,
Juan Arhancet

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