Discharger for Hybrid Battery Packs

A Discharger can be used to discharge the whole battery pack of power.

It comes with a voltmeter , lighted power switch, and cables for connecting the battery. If you have purchased a Grid Charger or a High Speed Charger from us, you can use the existing wire harness to connect to the Discharger and discharge the whole battery pack.

Discharger with light: $150.00 + $20 Shipping
Discharger without light: $120.00 + $20 Shipping

The following video explains the Discharger in more detail

Discharge Voltages

There are no hard and fast rules, but we generally discharge each stick / module by at the most one volt. So, for example, if you are discharging a Toyota Prius Gen II pack with 28 modules, we recommend that you go down by 28 V maximum.

If the battery pack is 220 V, go down to 192 V or 96V each half. But you can discharge the whole pack in one go or also in two halves. We here at Venice Hybrid generally go down to 100 V each half. You need to be careful to check the initial voltages and then decide how much you want to discharge. The same yardstick can be applied to a Honda vehicle.

A word of caution. Although it is good to discharge as low as possible, however if you go too low, you might damage some modules which are already weak. Please do a calculated and controlled discharge.

One thing that we have observed is that the Honda sticks are much more robust and forgiving while discharging compared to Toyota modules. We recommend extra caution for Toyota modules.