VHT High Speed Chargers

This charger is primarily for businesses or repair facilities, as it can charge the whole hybrid battery pack at one go, but at a higher current so that it will take much less time to charge the pack and put it back in the car. It cuts the downtime for repairs.

It will recondition battery packs of most hybrid cars at the rate of 1.4 Amps (1400 mA) - 4 times the charge rate of a grid charger. Higher currents of 5 - 10 Amps will saturate the modules too quickly, which is not good for the battery pack.

The High Speed Charger will cost $600.00 + $30.00 for shipping

Please contact us if you would like to order one.

Different Voltage Outputs

The charger is capable of three different output voltages, selected through a selector switch, depending on your needs.

1. 330 V for Toyota Prius Generation I, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Nissan Altima, Ford Escape, Chevy Tahoe and Silverado or any other hybrid vehicle that has up to a maximum of 40 modules of 7.2 V nominal voltage per module.

2. 285 V for Toyota Prius Generation II and all other hybrid vehicle that has up to a maximum of 30 modules of 7.2 v nominal voltage per module.

3. 190 V for Honda Civic Gen I and Gen II, Honda Insight, Toyota Prius C and V models or any other hybrid vehicle that has a maximum of 20 to 22 modules/ sticks with a nominal voltage of 7.2 V per module/ stick.

Why only three?

These are the voltages that we had to use for repairs, and hence to make it simple and easy for everyone, including a normal person who has no experience, we decided to provide a Plug-and-Play kind of charger, where you just select the required voltage and start charging. No extra thinking or settings to bother about.

We are confident this charger will meet the needs of all the hybrid battery repair workshops.

Now you can charge a hybrid pack within 3-4 hours. You will also be able to help those hybrid owners who are stuck sometimes because the hybrid battery has gone too weak. The charger can also be used to provide mobile service for stranded cars.

If there is any special need for a vehicle that is not covered by this charger, please do let us know and we will try to provide you with one to your special needs at no additional charge.