This is a new category  of products being launched by Venice Hybrid Tech.  This charger is primarily for the business class or the repair facilities.  Based on our own experience as a repair facility for the last 8 -9 years, we felt that there was a great need for a charger that could charge the whole hybrid battery pack at one go but at a higher current so that it will take much less time to charge the pack and put it back in the car. So far hybrid repair shops have been either using RC chargers to charge the individual module; which is very tedious and lengthy process or using a Grid charger to charge the whole pack at a time; which still takes about 6 hours for charging the pack fully. In order to cut down the down time for the repairs and also for a faster turn over, we felt the need for a high speed charger . Hence we have been working on it for sometime and finally it is here. We have been using this charger for almost a year before introducing to the business community.


This is a high speed charger for repairing and reconditioning the hybrid battery packs of all most all the cars.  This charger will charge the whole pack at one go at the rate of 1.4 Amps (1400 mA ) which is 4 times the charge rate of a grid charger. The charger has a selector switch for selecting the types of vehicles, like Toyota Prius Gen I , or Toyota Prius Gen II or Honda Civic/Insight.


The charger is capable of three different output voltages, selected through a selector switch, depending upon your needs for charging a hybrid vehicle  as under:

  •                   1.   330 V  for Toyota Prius Generation I, Toyota Camry Hybrid,        Nissan Altima, Ford Escape, Chevy Tahoe and Silverado or any other hybrid vehicle that has up to a maximum of 40  modules of 7.2 V nominal voltage per module.
  •                    2.   285 V  for Toyota Prius Generation II and all other hybrid vehicle that has up to a maximum of 30 modules of 7.2 v nominal voltage per module.
  •                      3.   190 V for Honda Civic Gen I and Gen II, Honda Insight, Toyota Prius C and V models or any other hybrid vehicle that has a maximum of  20  to 22 modules/ sticks with a nominal voltage of 7.2 V per module/ stick.
  • Table of Voltage outputs :

 Selector Switch Pos.             Black  Switch                    Output Voltage

           1                                         ON                                      335  V

            2                                        ON                                      285  V

            1                                        OFF                                     195  V

             2                                       OFF                                     145  V        Prius C

             0                                   ON/ OFF                                  0     V     Off Position  


The charger has a fixed output of 1400mA current. We feel that this is the best rate of current for charging at a faster rate, based on our experience during the last one year. The higher currents of say 5 – 10 A,  will saturate the modules too quickly which is not good for the battery pack. ( as the modules also lose the capacity quickly.)  Moreover the hybrid battery packs become too hot, hence you will have to wait for quite sometime before putting it back into the car thus defeating the purpose of high speed charging!!!!!!!!!!


This is charger designed by us based on our experience of repairing and reconditioning the hybrid packs over the last 8 – 9 years. These are the voltages that we had to use for repairs and hence to make it simple and easy for everyone including a normal person who has no experience, we decided to provide a Plug and Play kind of Charger, where you just select the required voltage and start charging. No extra thinking or settings to bother about. This is the same philosophy we have followed while designing our Grid Chargers, which as you know have been very successful.


This charger is especially suitable for cycling the hybrid packs as you can charge and discharge the packs at a much faster rates, thus saving a lots of time in completing the job. We here at Venice Hybrid Tech use a shop light to discharge the packs, which takes about 90 minutes. Then charging takes about 3-4 hours. Thus it is possible to cycle the packs about 2-3 times a day and finish your job in two days or at the maximum of three days; a great saving for you and the customer. A much needed faster turnover for repair shops.


The charger will cost $ 500.00 on our website. A charge of $ 30.00 for shipping will be additional. Customer support will be available to help with charging procedures etc. Please contact us if you would like to order one.


We are confident that this charger will meet the needs of all the hybrid battery repair workshops. Now you can charge a hybrid pack within 3-4 hours at the maximum. You will also be able to help those hybrid owners who are stuck sometimes because the hybrid battery has gone too weak due to many reasons such as having the parked the car too long or due to a short somewhere etc. The charger can be used to provide mobile service to help those consumers to charge their hybrid packs and start the cars.

If there is any special need for a vehicle that is not covered by this charger, please do let us know and we will try to provide you with a charger of your special needs at no additional charge.

Below is a video of another version( Model II) of High Speed Chargers. This model has a fixed voltage of 286 V and fixed current of 1.4 Amps. It is very suitable for all Toyota models of hybrid vehicles. You can also make payments in Crypto currencies now by following the link below.

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