I'm Raj Hundal, founder of Venice Hybrid Tech, and I have been working with hybrid cars for 20 years.

I hold a Masters of Science degree from India and came to California 20 years ago.

I can help you get more of out of your hybrid car. Have a look at the products below and feel free to email or call me.

Contact Details

Venice Hybrid Tech LLC
8006 Chase Ave,
Los Angeles,
CA 90045


VHT Products

A Grid Charger is a small device that charges your hybrid battery packs, when connected and working. It uses the grid for charging instead of the internal charging system.

Our Chargers help to:
Charge battery directly & efficiently
Get rid of DTCs and warning lights
Regain lost capacity and power
Keep the battery balanced
Save you money

Grid Charger ($275-$350)
  • For individual car owners
  • Charges overnight
  • Warranty included
  • Customized for car models
High Speed Charger ($450+)
  • For repair facilities
  • Faster charging and quick turnover
  • Suitable for range of hybrids
  • Video instructions provided
Dischargers ($120)
  • For individuals and repair shops
  • With voltmeter, lighted switch and cables
  • Warranty included
  • Works for a range of models
Refurbished Battery Packs
  • Fixed to almost-new condition
  • Re-built packs have new cells
  • Warranty included
  • All packs load tested

VHT Services

Rebuild the battery pack

I can do that.

Parts for battery repairs

Need spare parts?

Consultancy services

Need advice on hybrid cars and batteries? Call me.

Car breakdown

Car run out of juice? I can help.


We accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle and more.

Call me to arrange payment.


We offer 6 months warranty for our work with reconditioning the hybrid vehicles- no questions asked. Terms and conditions may apply.

I have also created videos on our products and more.

VIDEO: How to diagnose hybrid vehicle

VIDEO: Introduction To A Grid Charger

VIDEO: How to Charge and Discharge a Hybrid Battery Pack

VIDEO: How to Connect A Grid Charger to Toyota Prius Gen II

VIDEO: How To connect a Grid Charger to Honda civic Hybrid 2003 to 2006